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Apura: Who we are :

The Apura GmbH is a company of production of components for plants engineering companies for  water treatments. Our clients are both small plant engineering as well as bigger companies.

The Apura GmbH was founded in 2000, under German management and has its headquarters in Italy (administrative headquarters on
Garda Lake and production in Pisa).

 Besides we sell  our products in the domestic territory and abroad. 


These are the products in detail:

- Pilot distributor for various applications (
 from water softeners to filtering systems and swimming pool filters)

- Cooler (sampling cooler)

- The special cleaning kits for analyzers

- Measuring devices for panel builders, for example, Transmitters µS in mA, pH and ORP,
conductivity meters

As a further, we offer personalized customer service for your plants in Italy. We are already working with manufacturers took stick together and ensure your customer protection and use of original spare parts .. Our company vehicles are neutral, our staff is trained for the most part in Germany. In addition to German, we speak (of course) in Italian and English.

We have all necessary certificates in Italy to become active.

Historical origins of the corporate symbol:



"The leaves of the hogweed (Acantus mollis erbacea perenne), decorate the Corinthian capitals of the Greek temples.
God Apollo loved the nymph of the hogweed. The nymph was transformed by Apollo in the flower of the hogweed
to give an inspiration to the poet and philosopher .."


Apura s.r.l. – Piazza Porto, 3 – 25084 Gargnano (BS) – Italy
Tel. **39 / 031-4154820 – Fax **39 / 0365-1892024 – Ufficio Vendite/Sales office: **39 / 329-7915851 – Ufficio Tecnico/Technical department: **39 / 333-7388380 – P.IVA/VAT No.: IT03560460176